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General Pricing Guidelines
(Note: Rates are subjective and may be necessarily changed or renegotiated due to home condition, shoot-readiness, travel distance, wait times, cancellations, etc.. If you are aware of potential situations, please communicate those asap.)

Stills-Only Package:

Most houses can be photographed for around $250, just depending on the home and its readiness for photos. Homes with 3 finished floors will be $250 - $300 (will vary large homes). For an additional $50 I will fly my drone up and take appx 5-15 shots of the home, neighborhood, and anything else that might be of interest to a potential buyer. Unusually large homes, 6000 square feet and above with exquisite details, require a lot of time and may require a walk-through in order for me to quote it for you. 

All shoots typically include appx 30 - 60 photos that will be professionally edited, cropped and sized for MLS/FMLS. Turnaround is typically within 24 hours.

Full video and Photo Packages:

Contact me for pricing


Amenities Package:

$125 This is a great value for realtors who do a lot of business in a particular neighborhood and want to include the amenities in the photographic/video portfolio.

*This package must be cleared by the HOA/property management company of the neighborhood and must be shot early in the day during the summer before the pool and tennis courts open. 



* PLEASE NOTE: Properties not prepared for shooting will result in either a cancellation fee of $75 or an hourly charge of $75 for proper staging.  

In-Town Travel:

My home-territory is radius of about 30 miles from my home in north Gwinnett county. Even though I travel all over, anything beyond 30 miles will result in an added trip charge of $25 per additional 10 miles. Rates beyond 20 additional miles may be negotiated. Click on my home-territory map.  

Out of Town Travel:

$1,200 per day plus expenses:  

Airport Parking  

Ground Transportation

Equipment Shipping / Rental $350 per travel day 

$55 per diem everyday (regardless of location)                      

$.54 per mile (driving over 45 miles one way)

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