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30 years ago when embarking upon my photographic journey, I never envisioned a day where I would be taking pictures of houses. Sounds pretty boring, right? I thought so too until I started doing it. I honestly have to say that I wish I had started this many years earlier! Over the last 5 years I’ve photographed over 1200 homes and have met some amazing people, people who have encouraged me to broaden my horizons and who have opened my eyes to so many more aspects of photography - and even videography. And it’s all due to taking that first step into real estate photography!

The fun part is that every shoot is different and has its own unique set of challenges. Fortunately for me, however, my many years of photographic experience have made this task much less daunting as the challenges simply need to be identified and properly managed. Maybe the solution is to bring in more gear, maybe it’s something that can be taken care of with post production magic, or it could possibly even mean shooting at a different time of day or on a different day altogether. Regardless of the challenge at hand, the secret is in possessing the knowledge and skill set to make the call that ultimately produces the best possible outcome. This is what sets me apart from the rest of the field.

High quality photographs sell real estate! This is a fact!

Now, lets get that house you just listed, photographed, posted and sold! I look forward to hearing from you!

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